Who's That Zoomy?

I'm a 40-something SAHM, wife, crazy cat lady, somewhat obsessed (yet still very slow) runner & cyclist.  I finished 3 marathons before I got some smarts and said "no more marathons!" *shudder*  I've also run just about every other standard distance from 5k to 25k, with a few trail races and a couple of trail relays thrown in (before I FUBARd my ankle during the 2nd said relay).

Slow & Semi-Badass
In late 2009 I added cycling the mix, which came in very handy after the 2nd-degree ankle sprain. The bike acquisition had more than a bit of Kismet to it, as I discovered that I'm a much stronger cyclist than I am a runner (which, really, isn't saying much...mostly I'm less mediocre at cycling than I am at running).  Most years I shoot for ~750 miles on-foot and 3-4k miles on 2 wheels -- road, mtn., cyclocross, fat bike.  I seem to have a bad habit of going from one pain-inducing activity to another. The fact that I find these things fun (even after a sprained ankle and, more recently, a wrist busted while mountain biking) is clearly a sign of some mental deficiencies, I'm certain.

In recent years I've become especially fond of cyclocross (that's what I'm doing at right) and duathlon racing -- pursuits that combine my 2 loves.

Still working on the weight loss nonsense, too...in part to make myself faster, but also to avoid the inevitable "flabalanche" running photos.